Fraser Lake is a beautiful lakeshore community overflowing with recreational opportunities. We enjoy world class outdoor recreation year round, but excel at summertime activities.

Fraser Lake and the nearby east end of Francois Lake abound with opportunities for water sports and fishing. Both lakes have many lodges and parks for you to stay and play, and the Stellako River is world famous for its fly fishing and spin casting.

A prominent village landmark is Mouse Mountain, aptly named for its shape, complete with cheese point extending into the lake. This mountain has many hiking trails, which become cross-country skiing trails when the snow flies. The Fraser Lake area has other well-developed trail systems for hiking, sightseeing, ATV riding, snowmobiling and horseback riding.

The Village of Fraser Lake was established in 1914 during the construction of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. Originally a sawmill town, it became a forestry and mining community when the molybdenum mine opened in 1966, the year the Village was incorporated. The Fraser Lake area includes two unincorporated communities — Fort Fraser to the east and Endako to the West. Fort Fraser was initially located at Beaumont Provincial Park and was established by Simon Fraser in 1806. Endako was a major railway centre for many years and is still the home of many of the few original buildings in the area — the hotel was built in 1928, the community hall in 1925 and the Anglican Church in 1922.

The Fraser Lake area is rich in history and opportunity. Take advantage of your opportunity to enjoy the many lakes, rivers, mountains, trails, parks and resorts on the doorstep of this picturesque and friendly village. Fraser Lake is northern BC’s Recreation Destination, make it yours!

…Fraser Lake and the nearby east end of Francois Lake abound with opportunities for water sports and fishing…


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